More On Mumbles Tell a Story of Parting Ways in “Good For You”

More on Mumbles released the single “Good For You”. This song is the duo’s first work under Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia (SMEI). Awan dan Lintang, two members of More on Mumbles, described “Good For You” as a song about separation.

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Lintang, who wrote the lyrics for this song in 2021, said that she and Awan had experienced a separation which made them very sad a few years ago. “Good For You” is one of several songs that they made during those sad times. From the song “Good For You”, More on Mumbles feels the hardest part of parting is the assumption that the person leaving will definitely be fine.

The fun fact is, the song “Good For You” was the song that made SMEI interested in recruiting More on Mumbles. Awan dan Lintang uploaded their live performance of this song on the internet and it got on the label’s radar. Awan said that they uploaded a snippet of this song on Instagram and it turned out that he was hooked on one of Sony’s A&R’s named Mas Yudhis. From there, Mas Yudhis and Mas Keke from Sony contacted them to invite them to join around last January.

They hoped that More on Mumbles’  debut single with SMEI will be a good start for their collaboration. “Good For You” can be heard on all digital music outlets, while the music video can be viewed on YouTube.

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