The Must-Know Fact About Scout Founder’s Day

Today, February 22, 2023, is the Scout Founder’s Day. The celebration is also to commemorate the founder of Scout, Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell who was born in 1857. The day also coincidentally coincides with the birthday of Olave Baden-Powell (born in 1889) Baden-Powell’s wife.

The history of Scout is closely related to Baden-Powell himself. During his study at Charterhouse School, Baden-Powell has shown an interest in outdoor activity. In 1907, He initiated the boy’s camp on Brownsea Island, and the activity was often carried out up to once every two weeks. Baden-Powell wrote the success in his book, “Scouting for Boys”.

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A lot of people showed the same interest and enthusiasm in joining the camp, making it crowded with participants, encouraging Baden-Powell to establish the first scout organization named Boys Scouts in 1908. This act inspires his sister, Agnes, to do the same by founding the girl scout, named Girl Guides.

The success of accommodating a massive amount of participants then became a background of the World Scout Conference in 1920 for the first time, with 8.000 participants from different countries. This achievement ends up making Baden-Powell become Father of World Scouts, 9 years later in the 3rd World Scout Jamboree. King George V also gave Powell the honorary title, changing his name to Lord Baden Powell of Gilwell.


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