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This Is Why Waxing Is Safer Than Shaving!

The existing stigma of having a nice, smooth, and clean body makes waxing and shaving as the popular and general ways to remove your body hair. Throughout the years, waxing and shaving has received a lot of pros and cons. Well, both waxing and shaving has their own plus and minus. The same thing about waxing and shaving is the aim of it, which is to remove your body hair. 

Waxing And Shaving, What’s The Difference?

Waxing is a process that aims to remove the unwanted body hair out of your body by applying wax to your skin and peeling it off at once with the hairs removed. The waxes used in the process usually are made out of sugar and honey to make it stick to the skin and the hairs. 

The technique of waxing is to grease the part of body you want to remove the body hair with the wax, top it with the waxing strip, press the paper slowly to make sure that all the hairs beneath was covered up with the wax, leave it for 5 seconds only, and pull the waxing strip all at once fast.

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In contrast, shaving is a hair removal technique where you put a razor on top of your skin and shave the tip of your body hair. Shaving is way more simple than waxing, since you only need a razor and shaving cream to do it. Also, the technique is so simple. Just put your shaving cream, and shave it according to the direction of hair growth to prevent ingrown hair (hair growing beneath the skin).

Waxing Benefits

  1. Softer hairs

Because waxing will remove your hair to the roots, your upcoming growing hair will be way softer than before. 

  1. Slows down the hair growth

Because waxing will also remove your hair follicles, it can slow down your hair growth since the hair follicles will stop growing your hair out for a moment.

  1. Exfoliates your skin

While you’re pulling your waxing strip, you’re not just pulling out your hair, but also the dead skin cells trapped in your skin.

Shaving Benefits

  1. Prevents bacterial infection

Staphylococcus hominis is a bacteria that breaks down sweat molecules into thioalcohol which will make your sweat smell bad. This bacteria infection is usually caused by dense armpit hairs. (Ativan)

  1. Reduce your sweat amount

Dense armpit hair can make you sweat easier and faster, especially when you’re doing your activity outside with high temperature.

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