Tingling Sensation: Signs of Product Working or Irritation?

Have you ever felt a tickling sensation when trying new skincare? That sensation is known as the tingling sensation. Many people consider the tingling sensation as a sign that the skincare they are using is not suitable. Is that true?

What is Tingling Sensation?

The tingling sensation is the tight feeling that occurs when using new skincare on the skin. The level of this sensation can vary from person to person, from a slight tingling feeling to a more pronounced pain that can occur in only a portion of the face or the entire face.

Why the Sensation Happens?

Tingling sensation occurs as a skin reaction when new skincare is used. Usually, one of the reasons for the tingling sensation to occur is due to the difference in pH between the skin and the product. 

The sensation can occur when the pH of a product is lower or more acidic than the skin’s natural pH. Another reason can also be due to the use of exfoliating products and new active ingredients.

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Is It Safe?

A tingling reaction is a common reaction that occurs at the start of using skincare. To avoid the sensation, there are several active skincare ingredients that you need to know, namely AHA, BHA, Vitamin C, Retinol, Menthol, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Alcohol. This is because these active ingredients have a more acidic pH than the skin so when using them the skin needs adjustment.

Keep in mind, the sensation should only last a few minutes and is only the beginning of use. It will stop if the product is suitable and the skin has adjusted. 

However, if the sensation doesn’t disappear every time you use the product, it makes your face red and sore even 15 minutes afterward, that’s definitely a sign of irritation and indicates you have to stop using it. If you don’t stop, it could be that your skin will experience allergies, irritation, or your skin barrier will be damaged.

Source: Journal.sociolla.com 

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