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TÓKE Invite Us Doing Romantic Dance in “Easy & Sway”

TÓKE or Marco Rais Abin is a singer of Indonesian-German descent. Now, TÓKE is releasing his latest work entitled “Easy & Sway” as the first single for his upcoming EP which will be released at the end of this year.

“Easy & Sway” is packed  with melodies and bounce tones that can take us to a tropical place filled with mysterious nuances of romance. In this single, TÓKE describes this song as having a light mood, complete with a Bossa Nova-infused groove feel with the Pop genre. This makes the genre that inspires TÓKE’s music, Reggae, to be felt through the way he sings.

TÓKE said that the hook he wrote in this song will really get listeners to dance, even if imagined, dancing in the summer with their loved ones in a dance full of mischief and love.

In making the music video, TÓKE shot in Munggu, Bali. This place is also what made TÓKE create their own label, Munggu Tribe Records. The process of shooting this music video, from the editor to the director, is fully handled by Jovian Fraaije, who has also collaborated with many well-known Indonesian musicians such as Iwa K, Tuantigabelas, and Punokawan.

Through the music video for “Easy & Sway”, we can see TÓKE’s journey on his beloved vintage motorbike around Bali, through rice fields, skateboarding through banana trees, and dancing on the beach which of course makes anyone who witnesses it feel full of joy in their souls.

The latest single “Easy & Sway” can now be heard on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia, and the music video can also be watched on Youtube.

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