Vidi Aldiano Appreciates Farewell in “Salam Kenal”

After releasing “Dara” last February, Vidi is back with his latest song “Salam Kenal”. It is written by Vidi Aldiano and Barsena Bestandhi who have collaborated in the previous project. It is also produced by Ari Renaldi who has been a producer for Vidi’s previous songs. This song will be on Vidi’s upcoming album that will be out on July 22, 2022. 

The song is written to respect a farewell for someone who had filled a special spot in Vidi’s heart in the past. The song is like a best hope and prayer for someone who is now happy with their new lover. Just like the lyrics, “Terus cintai kekurangannya dan beri waktu tuk mengertinya bahagialah bersamanya,” Vidi shares a message to them. 

“This song is for sad boys who still care for their ex, who perhaps still follow the new journey of their ex with a new lover. I hope that they can let go of their old feelings and I hope that they can be happy with the new one,” said Vidi Aldiano. 

Hopefully this song can be a breakthrough to get to know his ex’s new partner and be sincere, and at the same time wishing the best for people who have been someone important in our hearts. The song is already available on any digital music platforms and the music video will be out on July 15, 2022.


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