Watch Your Food! These Foods Can Cause Kidney Failure

Nowadays, some portal news always report things related to kidney failure because of syrup medicine. Actually, kidney failure is caused by many things, one of which is food. Eating  some food improperly, such as eating a high amount or high calories may lead to kidney failure.There are several foods that consumption should be limited to avoid kidney failure. What are they? 

1. Food with high salt or sodium

Eating salty food is safe, but we have to limit the amount because when we consume food that consists of a lot of salt, our kidneys need to work harder to get rid of sodium. These also cause high blood pressure. Some foods that are high in salt or sodium are sausage, corned, and  salted fish. 

2. Too much protein food

Eating too much high protein food will increase the workload of the kidneys because they have to get rid of more protein metabolism waste. This is one of the reasons why people with kidney disease, such as kidney failure, need to limit protein intake. The recommended daily protein intake for adults is 55–60 grams per day. Foods that contain high protein include meat, fish, nuts, eggs, and milk and its products, such as yogurt and cheese.

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3. High sugar Food

Consuming food with high sugar can lead to high blood sugar levels. High blood sugar can cause diabetes. If you already have diabetes, especially if blood sugar levels tend to be uncontrolled,you can get complications from diseases such as diabetic nephropathy. Some high-sugar foods that you may encounter often are sweet soy sauce, candy, chocolate, ice cream, and cereals.

4. Food with high phosphorus

Phosphorus consumption should not exceed 1000 mg per day because consuming too much phosphorus can increase a person’s risk of developing kidney disease.When the kidneys cannot function properly, for example due to chronic kidney failure, minerals and toxins will accumulate in the body. This can cause levels of toxins, electrolytes, and minerals (including phosphorus) in the blood to increase dramatically.

Dark chocolate; milk and its processed products, such as cheese; sea food; meat and offal; vegetables, especially spinach, kale and radishes; and nuts are kinds of food with high phosphorus. 


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