Wikacell Gadget Mart Cooperated with Miniso to Sell Its Product in the Store

Wikacell Gadget Mart and Miniso strengthen their brand image as providers of the highest quality goods through their collaboration. When shopping at the Wikacell Gadget Mart Store, Miniso’sseveral items are available such as digital equipment, household goods, accessories, stationary, and various other unique products.

Miniso products at Wikacell Gadget Mart are guaranteed to have the same quality as products in Miniso outlets. In addition, the Wikacell Gadget Mart’s management hopes to be widely known by the people in Malang and become a choice for shopping accessories or gadgets with the luxury value offered. 

This collaboration with Miniso is a form of their commitment to support brands for strengthening their online presence, increasing user engagement and reaching more consumers.

Wikacell Gadget Mart provides a variety of products that support daily, business/professional and household activities. It has affordable prices with the various promos which are offered to customers. Customers can make transactions on the spot (COD) so they don’t have to worry about the bought items and they can go to the Wikacell’s store in Malang.


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