F1 Singapore Breaks the 2008 Record and Wins for Sergio Perez

F1 excitement roared back with vengeance in Singapore after two years without F1 in 2020 and 2021 resulting in the F1 2022 having broken its 13-year-old record in 2008. The Singapore F1 has its own charm for F1 fans. Although the race has been delayed for an hour because of the heavy rain, the F1 race still brought excitement to f1 fans with incidents and the wins of the Red Bull Racing team. 

Singapore Formula One with 302.000 fans attending the 3-day event broke its old record in 2008, reaching 300.000 fans which is the highest fan turnout for the event in its 13-year history. Therefore, Singapore Formula One 2022  marked one of the most exciting races on the sports calendar. Not only that, The arrival of fans from all around the world had also led to an increase in hotel reservations, with average home prices reaching $440 per night during previous F1 races.  

The Singapore Formula One is considered an “extreme” circuit for several reasons. Many drivers have difficulties showing their best performance. Most Formula One drivers have difficulties adapting with the warm temperature in Singapore. Moreover, the unpredictable weather makes it more challenging for the teams to decide what tire compound they should use in the race. 

In addition to that, the wet circuit made it harder to overtake another driver, just like Max Verstappen did when he is about to overtake Lando Norris to gain 4th position. Max Verstappen had a lock-up and failed to overtake Lando Norris resulting in him making a huge flat spot and forcing him to change tires. This incident made Max Verstappen lose his position from P5 to P11. However, Max Verstappen managed to finish on P7 at the end of the day. The incident continued when Guanyu Zhou was pushed to the wall by Nicholas Latifi which made him fail to finish the race. 

Unlike Max Verstappen who struggled a lot during the race Sergio Perez, Max’s teammate, took 1st position from the start of the race. Sergio Perez, also known as “The King of Street Circuit” took his win in Singapore alongside Charles Leclerc in 2nd position and Carlos Sainz in 3rd position.  


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