Woro Widowati Appeared in New York Times Square

Woro Widowati, one of Indonesian singers, became a part of Spotify’s EQUAL campaign, which was an effort to encourage the development of female artists and content creators across all Spotify assets. By becoming a part of Spotify’s EQUAL campaign, Woro Widowati was promoted to appear in New York Times Square Billboard for 24 Hours.

To date, only around 400 artists and content creators around the entire world are a part of this campaign. Woro Widowati is one of the elite on this list. By having this opportunity she will bring a new chapter for Indonesia’s hyperlocal music. 

This singer from Magelang is one of the successful examples of localization that has managed to become a host in its own land with hyperlocal distinctiveness. In a culturally pluralistic archipelago like Indonesia, local-language music holds a real sway in people’s daily lives. It can be enjoyed as far as the eye can see because it is very close to the lives of ordinary people.

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Woro Widowati, specifically on Spotify, has recorded a huge listenership statistic. Her songs have been played more than 50 million times, including Dalan Liyane, Menepi, Aku Ikhlas and Ikhlas Ngenteni. She is the first Javanese pop artist to achieve this highlight focus model.

Woro Widowati said that she was touched and also proud because she could finally prove that regional musicians could perform on international platforms and be more recognized by the public on an international platform and be better known to foreigners.

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