2 Liters of Water a Day: Is It Safe? Here’s What You Need to Know

Drinking 2 liters of water every day is necessary for replenishing the water lost from the body with fresh water, as water makes up 80% of the body. Staying hydrated by drinking enough water to flush toxins from the body has many beneficial impacts on health. Maintaining a healthy fluid intake is a must for the body’s ability to produce new, healthy cells as well as maintain regular organ function. Two liters of water have these 4 following benefits:

4 Benefits of Drinking 2L of water:

1. Improve energy and brain function

Dehydration causes fatigue, poor concentration, focus and reaction time, impaired short-term memory, and a variety of other symptoms. Drinking water cleanses impurities from the body and gives us energy. Staying hydrated during the day helps the body’s energy levels, cognitive function, and kidneys get back into balance.

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2. Delay the aging process

Enough water consumption may slow down aging. The skin ages prematurely when it is dehydrated. Toxins dissolve in drinking water, which makes the skin glow. The skin regenerates and appears healthier as a result of the removal of pollutants and the production of new cells.

3. Lose weight

According to a study, drinking more water correlates with lower body weight and body composition scores. Water consumption decreases hunger and increases fullness, which lessens the potential to binge on high-calorie items. The study suggests consuming a glass of water before each meal to limit food intake and calorie intake.

4. Reduce the risk of urinary infections

Water flushes out all impurities, keeps the kidneys healthy, and stops kidney stones from forming. 2 liters of water each day causes the body to generate urine frequently, which washes out bacteria from the urinary system and guards against any potential infections. Increasing your water consumption will help you avoid constipation.

source: medicinenet.com

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