3 Facts About Stinky Tofu, Unique Food from China

Stinky tofu is a popular street food in some parts of Asia, especially in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Despite its strong smell, the tofu has a unique flavor and texture that many people enjoy. It can be served in various ways, such as deep-fried, grilled, or in soup, and is often eaten with spicy sauce or pickled vegetables to balance out the strong taste.

Here are 3 facts about stinky tofu:

  1. Came from China and Popular in Taiwan

Stinky tofu has a long history, with records dating back to the Qing Dynasty in China, where it was a favorite food of the royal family. In the country of origin, this food is known as ChouDoufu. In Taiwan, there is a stinky tofu festival held annually in Taipei, where visitors can try different types of stinky tofu and other fermented foods.

  1. Fermented Products

The distinctive odor is due to the presence of bacteria and fungi during the fermentation process, which creates a variety of compounds such as indole, skatole, and sulfur-containing compounds. The fermentation process usually involves soaking the tofu in a brine made of fermented milk, vegetables and meat for several days or even weeks. 

Some people describe the taste of the tofu as a combination of blue cheese and soy sauce, while others find it too strong and pungent. It can be found in different varieties, including soft, firm, deep-fried, grilled, and served in soup.

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  1. Rich in Benefits

Despite its strong odor, stinky tofu is considered a healthy food as it is rich in protein and low in fat and calories. Besides that, it can help smooth the digestive system and cure colds. In fact, a medical journal says, these snacks help prevent osteoporosis, reduce the risk of several types of cancer, and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Those are 3 facts about stinky tofu. This kind of tofu is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is definitely worth trying if you are an adventurous eater and want to experience the unique flavors of Asian street food. Would you try it?

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