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4 Crucial Facts About Supersemar

March 11, 2023, marked 57 years since Supersemar or Surat Perintah Sebelas Maret was released in 1966. This is known as one of the essential histories in Indonesia since it was the sign of change from The Old Order under the leadership of our First President, Soekarno to President Soeharto’s New Order. Supersemar itself was issued as a way to overcome civil conflicts that happened at that time, caused by the G30S/PKI incident on October 1, 1965.

There are 4 compelling facts about Supersemar, which are listed below:

  1. The Original Script Is Still Missing

In 2014, The former Head of Archive Services Center for the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI), Binner Sitompul elaborates that the original script of Supersemar is yet to be found. While there are four of the Supersemar script that exist, neither of them is the original. Even now, the actual script for Supersemar still remains a mystery.

  1. Supersemar Hunt Contest

In the pursuit of looking for the original Supersemar, Asvi Warman the Historian from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences held a contest to whoever found the original Supersemar will be rewarded with approximately 1 Billion Rupiah. According to Asvi, The truth in history is something that needs to be found and acknowledged.  This was done to pay for the historical burden borne by the state to find the original Supersemar

  1. Considered The Base of the Political Movement

President Soeharto, by holding Supersemar, is considered to be able to gain authority. While President Soekarno wanted to reject the warrant as a decision on the transfer of power at a military leadership meeting on 14 March 66 and the Jasmerah Speech on 17 August. In the end, it didn’t work. This also marks the start of the New Order reign by President Soeharto which lasted for almost 32 years. 

  1. Affecting The Foreign Policy

In the aftermath of authority changing, there was also a different policy that was carried out by President Soeharto since he has a different way of ruling compared to President Soekarno. Several policies shown were how Indonesia is getting closer with the western countries, while at the same time, the relationship between Indonesia and China is getting worse, notable changes are In 1966, the Chinese government shut down three of its consulates as well as the Jakarta office of Xinhua News. China also called home its ambassador at that time, as did Indonesia, which followed suit in February 1966.

Source: Kumparan


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