4 Korean Films Inspired by True Stories For Your Weekend

Films that are inspired by true stories are a very interesting film genre because they broaden our knowledge of important or historical events that have occurred. Korea is one of the countries that quite often executes films that are inspired by true stories well and are liked by many people.

Here are 4 recommendations for Korean films inspired by true stories that you can add to your watch list:

  1. Memories Of Murder (2003)

This film is one of the most popular films even today. This film, which tells about three detectives who are solving a series of brutal and mysterious murders in a small village, can be watched on Netflix.

  1. Children (2011)

This film, which combines thriller, mystery and drama, tells about the mystery of the death of 5 children on Mount Waryong on March 26, 1991. The film is distributed by Lotte Entertainment with Lee Kyoo-Man as director.

  1. A Taxi Driver (2017)

This film was inspired by the Gwang-ju Uprising phenomenon or the GwangJu Democratization Movement, namely mass demonstrations carried out by young people in Gwang-ju Province who demanded the establishment of democracy in their country. This film can be watched on Netflix.

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  1. Midnight (2021)

The Korean film Midnight is based on a true story about a serial killer in Korea named Yoo Young-chul who is nicknamed the “Raincoat Killer”. This gripping film will follow the journey of a deaf girl who becomes the next target and tries to escape.

Those are 4 recommendations for Korean films inspired by true stories. Each film has a unique and different plot. So, which one would you put on the list? (https://fleshbot.com)

Source: katadata.co.id, brilio.net

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