Segara Ega Collaborated with Prilly Latuconsina in “Kidung”

Segara Ega collaborated with Prilly Latuconsina to remake Chrisye’s “Kidung”. The collaboration showcases the harmonious blend of their captivating vocals, while paying a beautiful tribute to the legendary’s legacy.

Segara admitted that he has cherished “Kidung” for a long time, as its melody is easy to listen to. The lyrics explore themes of the universe and a yearning for a higher power. (Alpraolam)

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The idea for the project emerged while Segara was working on the soundtracks for the films “Gita Cinta” and “Puspa Indah.” During a scene where the main character, ‘Galih,’ sings with ‘Ratna,’ played by Prilly, Segara was requested to provide the singing voice for ‘Galih.’ This led to the creation of several duet songs.

Segara further disclosed that the entire soundtrack project was completed in a relatively short time. Once he was offered to join the film project and an agreement was reached, he recorded all the songs within just two weeks. The urgency was due to the OST being used in the film, necessitating a swift completion to facilitate the shooting process. All ten songs are included in the film, with some becoming scenes where Galih and Ratna sing together.

“Kidung” by Segara featuring Prilly Latuconsina is now available on all digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Langit Musik, Youtube Music, Trebel, and TikTok Music. The music video will be out on YouTube Musica Studios on August 9th.

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