Prilly Latuconsina Tries to Wipe Out Her Love Memory in “Luka Kecil”

Prilly Latuconsina is not only starring in the “12 Cerita Glen Anggara” movie, but she is also chosen to sing its original soundtrack entitled “Luka Kecil” which was written by Choky Cassandra. The movie is adapted from a novel with similar title written by Luluk HF. 

“I really want to sing the soundtrack because I get involved in the movie, so I can really feel each scene. I feel that if I sing the soundtrack, I’m sure that I can do it well because I know the movie’s plot, I know the emotion of my characters. So, I’m very excited to bring the soundtrack of the “12 Cerita Glen Anggara” movie,” said Prilly. 

Prilly admits that the lyrics are suitable with the movie. She chooses “Luka Kecil” because she has their own visualization about a romance soundtrack and thinks that  “Luka Kecil” fits the movie so well. 

“This song fits someone who finds it hard to forget their past memories. Perhaps, they have already moved on, but the memory stays still and we, sometimes, miss the memories,” added her. 

Prilly hopes that the song will bring positive messages for the listeners. Aside from Prilly Latuconsina, other actors and actresses also star in the movie, including Junior Roberts, Angga Yunanda, Adhisty Zara, Abun Sungkar, Dannia Salsabilla, and Alya Rohali. The movie will be out in the cinema on August 18, 2022.


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