4 Reason Why Strawberry Parents Is Not Proper Parenting

Recently, people have been introduced to the term strawberry generation. In short, the strawberry generation is a term to describe the younger generation who are more vulnerable to pressure and stress than the previous generation.

Generally, the strawberry generation tends to depend on others and is less tolerant of life’s difficulties and challenges. The formation of this generation is influenced by parenting styles and parenting styles in the formation of children’s character. This parenting style is known as strawberry parents.

Strawberry parents refer to parents who are overprotective to their children and tend to spoil them. It causes a lack of independence, resilience, and the ability of children to solve their own problems.

Here are some reasons why strawberry parenting is not recommended:

1.   Give the kids whatever they want

Giving all their children wants outside their needs are the characteristics of an unhealthy education. Instead, the child must understand that not all wishes must be achieved. For this reason, parents must also be firm and able to control excessive desires for their children.

2.   Time is exchanged for money

Nowadays, the world feels busier. Many parents prefer to pursue a career and consider career as important as caring for a family. This situation often makes parents exchange time by buying or following everything the child wants because they don’t have much time together. In fact, keep in mind that time together will not be repeated and cannot be replaced.

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3.   Never discipline their children

Family is the first education, the first teacher, as well as the first friend for children. So, if parents don’t punish their children for their mistakes, it’s like the parents made a mistake. Meanwhile, it doesn’t take long for mistakes to become second nature. Disciplining children properly also teaches the consequences of each action. 

4.   Too often helping children with work that should be done alone

Helping children too often in their obligations is bad behavior of parents. With this habit,  instead of being independent, children will depend a lot on other people.

Even though this parenting style gives children a feeling of comfort and security, it will result in them having difficulty coping with stress and challenges and having difficulty adapting to their real world after leaving their protective environment or their parents’ home.

As a result, children rarely communicate openly and have almost no consequences. Because of this, the strawberry generation often hallucinates and easily expresses their worries everywhere, including friends or social media.

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