5 Christmas Songs to Warm Your Christmas

Christmas will fall on December 25, 2022. There are many ways to celebrate Christmas around the world, from putting up Christmas trees, making Christmas cards, exchanging gifts or gifts to inviting Christmas celebrations. Celebrating Christmas is incomplete without Christmas-vibed songs. Here are 5 selected Christmas songs suitable to accompany every activity to warm your Christmas. 

  1. Michael Bublé – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Michael Bublé’s distinctive voice, which is smooth and melodic, making the song feel cozier in any holiday setting. Commonly heard in public spaces like malls and other shopping areas, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” is extensively shared on social media. Hollywood artist, Kylie Jenner to world K-pop star, Taeyong, warm their homes up with Michael Buble’s voice playing softly in the background.

  1. Sia – Snowman

“Snowman”, released in 2017, is actually a song about love wrapped in a Christmas theme through the image of a snowman. The rhythm floats serenely like anesthetizing anyone who hears it. Not surprisingly, this song was widely shared on social media TikTok in 2020, until the hashtag #SnowmanSiaChallenge appeared worldwide. In this challenge, netizens are challenged to sing two verses of the Snowman song in one breath. To date, there are more than 4.2 million #SnowmanSiaChallenge videos from various TikTok creators to big singers.

  1. Lucas Graham – Last Christmas

One more classic Christmas song that can never be missed, “Last Christmas”. This song has been sung by many singers in the world with their own distinctive versions. (https://yourolddog.com/) However, very few of them were performed by male singers and Lukas Graham was one of them. The singer, who is thick with romantic songs that play softly with acoustic arrangements, performes this iconic Christmas song with lively and lively music, depicting a Christmas atmosphere full of joy and joy.

  1. HONNE – Warm on a Christmas Night

“Warm on a Christmas Night” is a rearrangement of the song “Warm on a Cold Night” recorded especially for the Christmas season. Apart from the warmer music arrangements with sweet acoustic piano and violin, the song lyrics in certain parts were changed to make it feel more like a Christmas atmosphere. In the chorus of the song, the original lyrics which read “… you can keep me warm on a cold night, warm on a cold, cold night…” are changed to “…you can keep me warm on a cold night, warm on a Christmas night… ”. Just like that, this song immediately feels very thick in the Christmas nuances.

  1. Ed Sheeran dan Elton John – Merry Christmas

Last year, two big British stars, Ed Sheeran and Elton John, released a simple but warm Christmas song, Merry Christmas. The song gives a perfect Christmas vibes with its merry rhythm accompanied by a grand piano instrument, complete with Christmas elements in the background music, such as a big bell and a lot of festive rattles. The song Merry Christmas was written by both together, making it the first collaboration song in 10 years.


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