META Appreciates KAWAN RUKI Program to Helping the Platform Grow and Develop

KAWAN RUKI (Kelompok Pembawa Perubahan bersama RUKI/ Change Maker Community with RUKI) is a new program from Ruang Komunal Indonesia (Indonesian Community Hub) designed to recognize communities, support their mission, and promote their positive impact. 

Through the KAWAN RUKI project, Meta recognizes and thanks a few communities that flourish and expand on the Meta platform. Since its launch in August 2022, Meta has received registrations from around 100 communities interested in participating in the KAWAN RUKI program. They come from various provinces from Aceh to East Nusa Tenggara.

“At Meta, we work by a mission to enable people in Indonesia to stay connected to various meaningful things, which can open up new opportunities to move forward in their lives. The KAWAN RUKI program will support communities able to continue their programs and continue to inspire and bring greater impact to more people in Indonesia,” said Dessy Septiane Sukendar, Policy Program Manager of Meta in Indonesia.

Meta selects all applications from the community registered to participate in this program. The entire community will then go through an interview stage until 21 communities are selected, before being re-selected into 7 selected communities. 

The 7 selected KAWAN RUKI communities included: Rumah Bahari Gemilang (Rubalang), Muslimah Swimming Squad, Sentra Kreatif Lestari Siak (Skelas), Rumah Kreatif Sahabat Nusantara, Well-Being Shelter, Lingkar Sosial (Linksos), Pustaka Pinggir Kali (Pupinka). 

The 7 communities were determined by 7 representatives from 7 different organizations with various fields and social issues in certain fields. The 7 assessment teams are Indorelawan, ICT Watch, Ibu Profesional, Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari, Dokter Tanpa Stigma, Silang, and Sekolah Cikal. NusantaRun also helps provide coaching on business models.


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