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Kaleb J and Sezairi Duet in Single “It’s Only Me”

Kaleb J and Sezairi released a duet version of 2 of their flagship songs namely ‘It’s Only Me’ and ‘It’s You’. Combined, the original versions of the two songs have reached over 250 million streams on Spotify alone. It’s not wrong if the two of them are now presenting different versions of the two songs. 

In their hands, ‘It’s Only Me’ and ‘It’s You’ turned into songs that were super romantic and intimate, complete with guitar played by Sezairi and keyboard played by Kaleb J. These two songs were recorded by Kaleb J and Sezairi at the Passion Vibe Compound in Jakarta. Meanwhile, the Mixing & Mastering process was handed over to Reyner Fedinand from Studioomrey. 

“There are lots of lessons that I can take from collaborating with Sezairi, one of which is how to combine musical colors without disturbing any of those colors. Sezairi has its own color that I like, and it turns out that when the two colors are combined, it’s really fun!” said Kaleb J.

The video from the Live Session for the songs ‘It’s Only Me’ and ‘It’s You’ by Kaleb J and Sezairi was actually released 1 month ago on Passion Vibe’s Youtube channel and Sezairi. Now, it’s more complete because the audio version has been released on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia.


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