Check Out 4 End Year Shopping Hacks Making Your Wallet Full Smile

Online shopping is a need and a stress relief for some people. Moreover, the end of the year always becomes the most special moment to give special gifts to appreciate your closest family. Not only that, the end of the year is the right time to have a self-reward for our biggest effort throughout the year. 

Yet, we have to be wise in managing our finances at the end of the year to make our wallet “full smiling”. Metta Anggriani CFP, a Certified Financial Planner reveals 4 hacks to do in doing end year shopping and self-reward, check these out!

  1. Make a budget plan based on our priority

Making a budget plan is really important to do. We can simply use our gadgets to plan our budget. In managing our budget, we can list things and needs to purchase, including who to give, and then we can determine the budget. If the budget is bigger than what is estimated, then make a priority scale. Another alternative is that we can set the budget first before listing the things to buy in order to control our outcomes. 

  1. Compare the price and find the best offer

Don’t hesitate to find the cheapest price for similar things. Researching the price might consume more time, but the result will be satisfactory if we know how much budget is left. Sometimes, the cheapest is not the best, but perhaps there’s beneficial additional services. Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions before shopping!

  1. Claim the promos and end year discounts

Towards the end of the year, we can also take advantage of promos such as discounts, cashback, or Harbolnas moments which have become a trend in recent years to reduce excess spending during high seasons such as Christmas and New Year. 

Lazada offers Bonus Dadakan hingga 1.2 Juta (Flash Bonus up to 1.2 millions) which is collected from December 7-14 and can be claimed on December 12-14, 2022, LazFlash (flash sale) of high quality products with discount up to 90%, and  Crazy Brand Mega Offer every 19.00-24.00 WIB on December 12-14 to grab discounts up to 95% for all high quality and original products.

  1. Use the Free Shipping Fee

Shipping fee may not be that expensive, but if we shop in different shops and buy many things, the fee is also necessary to consider. If you shop in Lazada, you don’t have to worry about the shipping fee because Lazada has rapid delivery and free shipping fee with no minimum spend.


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