A Very Laufey Holiday Delight: Icelandic Sensation Unveils Special Collaboration Drink in Jakarta

Bingkai Karya – Icelandic songstress Laufey has once again captivated the hearts of her Jakarta fans with a delightful surprise just in time for the festive season. Following the announcement of her return to the Java Jazz Festival next year, the 24-year-old artist has teamed up with Suasanakopi to launch a special collaboration drink, “A Very Laufey Holiday Drink.” This enchanting beverage promises a symphony of flavors, combining strawberry, rosella, caramel, and lemon to create a sweet, sour, and refreshingly unique soda experience.

“A Very Laufey Holiday Drink” is set to enchant taste buds in two convenient forms: cans (available while supplies last) and cups. Jakarta residents can savor this limited-time offering at two Suasanakopi locations, starting from December 21 at the Suasanakopi Flagship Store in Gandaria Complex. The experience continues at the Akunkopi Blok M branch from December 26 to January 2, 2024.

In addition to the delectable beverage, patrons will also receive an exclusive Christmas greeting card from Laufey, adding a personal touch to this festive collaboration. Hurry, as these special cards are available while supplies last.

This isn’t the first time Laufey has left an indelible mark on Jakarta. In September, the artist hosted “A Very Laufey Day,” a successful event that brought together over 300 fans for a series of engaging activities. Collaborating with Suasanakopi, Photograms, and the Christina Martha Tiahahu Literacy Park, Laufey showcased her commitment to creating unique and memorable experiences for her audience.

With the promise of more enchanting moments, Laufey is set to return to Jakarta as a special show musician at the 2024 Java Jazz Festival in May. Her previous appearance at the 2023 Java Jazz Festival marked a milestone, as she drew over 3000 people to Hall D1, JIEXpo Kemayoran, establishing herself as one of the festival’s most beloved performers.

As Jakarta eagerly anticipates Laufey’s return to the Java Jazz Festival, the enchanting notes of “A Very Laufey Holiday Drink” provide a taste of the artist’s magic during the festive season. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in this limited-time collaboration and savor the sweet, sour, and refreshing symphony crafted by Laufey and Suasanakopi. Cheers to a holiday season filled with music, joy, and the delightful flavors of “A Very Laufey Holiday Drink.”


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