Abeliano’s “Love Me Like You Say You Do”: A Fresh Wave in Indonesian Pop-Rock Music

Bingkai Karya – In the dynamic landscape of the Indonesian music industry, a fresh and compelling voice has emerged, and his name is Abeliano. At just 22 years old, this independent musician, affectionately known as Abel, has taken a significant leap forward by joining one of the country’s largest music labels, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. With this collaboration, Abeliano has unveiled his latest creation, a poignant pop-rock piece titled “Love Me Like You Say You Do.”

“Love Me Like You Say You Do” is a 3-minute and 40-second midtempo masterpiece, written solely by Abeliano. The track delves into the emotional turbulence of a protagonist questioning the sincerity of their partner in a love story. The music production, predominantly featuring guitar and percussion, encapsulates the nostalgic yet refreshing essence of pop-rock music.

Abeliano’s robust and masculine vocals powerfully convey the gloomy uncertainty of a man at a crossroads, especially in the resonant chorus: “I need more than words / Show me how you feel / I’m so insecure / Let me know it’s real / I just want you to / Love me like you say you do.”

Abeliano shared that “Love Me Like You Say You Do” was crafted during the challenging period of the pandemic. “I first attempted to write this song about two years ago, and I am thrilled that it can finally be heard by everyone after a long wait,” expressed the young musician born on March 8, 2001. While not Abeliano’s inaugural venture into love songs, the track distinguishes itself by offering a personal and raw exploration of emotions.

The inspiration behind the lyrics, Abeliano revealed, stemmed from his own past relationship, stating, “I want to describe the feelings of anxiety and anger that I experienced with my partner at that time. I really doubt where my ‘position’ is in the relationship.”

The challenge of crafting pop-rock music is met with adeptness, thanks to the collaboration with Indonesian music producer Diondjokoadi. Diondjokoadi, known for his work with various artists across genres, praised Abeliano’s ability to create catchy melodies. Vocal guidance from Barsena Bestandhi, a vocal director for prominent pop singers, added an additional layer of expertise to the project.

Diondjokoadi stated, “The melody of ‘Love Me Like You Say You Do’ seems familiar to the ear but, at the same time, has the ability to immediately show what Abeliano’s character is like—not only as a singer but also as a songwriter.”

Abeliano, who draws inspiration from global pop-rock icons like Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, and Pamungkas, envisions a future where he can introduce his unique musical identity to the Indonesian audience. “In the future, both as a musician and as a songwriter, I strive to tell stories about everything about life—and not just what happens in my own life,” concluded Abeliano.

“Love Me Like You Say You Do” marks a pivotal chapter in Abeliano’s creative journey, unveiling his prowess as a singer and songwriter. Released under Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia, the track is now available on all digital streaming platforms, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the captivating soundscape crafted by this promising young artist. As Abeliano continues to evolve, his narrative promises to enrich the Indonesian music scene with authenticity, emotion, and a distinct pop-rock flavor.


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