Adrian Khalif Invites Us to Dive Deeper in Our Feeling in “Menawan”

Adrian Khalif released his new single with the title “Menawan”. He invited the listeners to understand the cause of why our partner still chooses us all of this time after all the good and bad things that we have done before. That’s the feeling that is summarized by Adrian Khalif in his new single, “Menawan”.

Through this song, we were brought by Adrian Khalif to explore the thoughts and feelings we have when we see our partner. A sense of disbelief, where our partner still chooses to stay by our side. Even after seeing the various bad traits and characters that we have. Until when everyone left us alone, he/she remained patiently beside us and forgave all the mistakes we made.

After drowning in those feelings and thoughts, we finally realize that he is the human being we love the most and the most charming. That feeling is revealed in the lyrics :

“Dari bintang di awan, sampai laut terdalam. Yakin tak kutemukan, manusia paling kusayang”


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