Afgan Tells Us About Love, Emotion, and Logic Through ‘So Wrong But So Right’

After his successful album ‘Wallflower’ in 2021, Afgan was back with a new single entitled ‘So Wrong But So Right’. The song was about a love and hate relationship, confrontation between emotion and logic of the loving ones, which was usually difficult to reconcile. In fact, the person we wanted might not necessarily be the person we needed in our lives. 

According to Afgan, he was inspired by a tv series, especially for the lyrics and the beats. The song was created in a retro/80s atmosphere, with electric guitar and band.

Interestingly, The song was in English. Afgan had done so much exploration and experimentation for this song. For the first time in his life, he took the vocal raw in his studio. 

“I recorded my vocals by myself with a simple mic in my living room. We tried to retake the vocals properly, but the song lacked feeling. I want to show the raw side, from the vocals to the writings. I trust my intuition because the result is pure and honest. We think of the retro sound for the mixing because I don’t want the song to lose my desired taste,” said Afgan.

For the music video, Afgan teamed up with naya Anindita. He also acted with Vanesha Precillla for the music video. He hoped that the song could be enjoyed by everyone as an honest song.

“It’s okay to fall hard but you have to be smart and wise at the same time,” added Afgan. 


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