Harry Styles Welcomes You Into His New Home

After being at the top with ‘As It Was’ in April, Harry Styles released ‘Harry’s House’ last May. Many fans anticipated a new masterpiece from Harry Styles. It could be seen on how enthusiastic Stylers were, especially Indonesian Stylers, in welcoming ‘Harry’s House’ in social media. 

‘Harry’s Home’ has an intimate and personal message, according to Harry Styles. Everything began when Harry lived in Japan and listened to Haruomi Hosono’s Hosono House.

The tracks in this album tells us about how to build a ‘home’ outside the existing emotion and memories, so that we can live in a comfortable place anywhere we are. 

‘Harry’s House’ is Harry’s 3rd album consisting of 13 tracks and becoming The 5th Biggest Opening-day Streams for An Album in Spotify Global Chart and #1 Debut in iTunes Indonesia. Rolling Stones magazine also gives 4 / 5 for this album.

‘Late Night Talking’ is chosen to be the next hit that is full of longing for love presented in groovy nuance, making the album have a unique appeal.


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