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ALYPH Collaborates With Datuk Seri Veda on His Brand New Song, “SWIPE”

ALYPH released his new single entitled “SWIPE”. This song tells the story of romance with confidence. This song available now through Def Jam Singapore plus Malaysia. Despite ALYPH’s swagger’s instantaneous allure, He adds that it was laboriously earned on the track: “ It’s hard to be confident sometimes, I want to make a song that can help with that.”

ALYPH is a Singapore-born rapper, producer and songwriter casts a long and storied shadow in Southeast Asia, reaching a pinnacle in his career where every tune he touches turns to gold. The song he last produced and co-wrote with K-Clique, Mimpi, fast became one of the biggest songs to shake Malaysian hip hop, standing at 45 million views on the Music Video to date. With a total of 218 million views and 45 million streams on the songs he’s produced, written, and performed, ALYPH’s role in defining hip hop in Malaysia and Singapore today is indisputable.

He was raised in a musical and artistically-appreciative household, and one pivotal experience—discovering the groundbreaking Malaysian hip hop group TooPhat—furthered his own love of music. When Too Phat performed on television, ALYPH saw the air and condenser on exhibit and realized how hip hop could influence and shape local identity. It might originate from home, be about home, and have significance for those who live there.

Over  the  years, ALYPH  has developed his  distinct  production  alias  Magic  Potions, rose to the forefront of made-in-Singapore hip hop with SleeQ’s breakout ‘Pilihlah Aku’, and blazed his artistry across borders. 

ALYPH invited Datuk Seri Veda (DSV) to collaborate as a team in this single. “I needed individuals who are not shy to show off who they are and who also have the scars and achievements to prove it. She is very ideal for the part,” ALYPH said. Datuk Seri Veda (DSV) is a Malaysian entrepreneur and millionaire celebrity whose escapades, regularly covered in local tabloids, have never failed to cause the most divisive reactions from the wider public. 

“I’m so used to handling everything by myself, but this time I had ideas that can’t be successful if I handle it alone,” added ALYPH. “That’s what I learnt from working with an entire team. I make sure everyone is on the same page, including DSV. That was also quite challenging, but ultimately rewarding.” 


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