An Intimate Dive into Rosie Darling’s Debut Album: ‘Lanterns’

Indie pop artist Rosie’s Darling has unveiled her first album

Bingkai Karya – Indie-pop artist Rosie Darling has unveiled her first album, “Lanterns,” under the Nettwerk label. This musical journey explores confessions, heartbreak, and acceptance, with Rosie seamlessly blending her lyrical skill and honeyed vocals to deliver a genuinely raw record.

A standout from the album, “The Longest Goodbye,” delves into the enduring pain and nostalgia of a past relationship, despite efforts to move forward. Each track on the album unveils different facets of Rosie’s life and emotions, guiding listeners through an intimate yet anthemic experience.

“The Longest Goodbye” and the entire album showcase Rosie’s exceptional talent and collaborations with the likes of Justin Gammella (known for working with FINNEAS and Ashe), Wynter Bethel of Tommy Lefroy, and Swedish-based songwriters Boy in Space and Hilda Stenmalm. Together, they have created a stunning collection of poetic alt-pop tracks that delve into the emotions of young adulthood. “Lanterns’ ‘ urges us to introspect and embrace all that life presents to us.

In Rosie’s own words, she aims to celebrate the challenging process, feel its pain, and ultimately find healing. Her desire is to inspire people to cultivate resilience and appreciate the person they are becoming, regardless of life’s challenges. Rosie invites us to navigate through difficulties and reach the other side.

Based in Los Angeles, Rosie Darling is a quietly confident and passionately creative singer-songwriter recognized for her flowing melodies and emotionally charged lyrics. Her previous works, including the 2021 EP “Coping” and the 2022 EP “Golden Age,” catapulted her to success, amassing over 200 million global streams. The title track of “Coping” gained significant traction on Spotify, reaching the Viral 50 playlists in eight Asian markets and securing a spot in the Top 20 on the Global Viral Chart. Rosie has garnered support from various platforms, including VH1 India, MTV Asia, Rolling Stone India, Billboard Indonesia, and more.


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