Arema FC Celebrates 35th Anniversary, Here’s the Profile of the Piala Presiden Champion

Arema Football Club is a year older on Thursday, August 11. It’s been 35 years since Arema FC spread its wings in the world of soccer. Recently, Arema FC became a hot topic because it successfully achieved the champion title in Piala Presiden 2022. If you are new to Arema, here are some facts about Arema FC.

Arema FC originated from Malang, East Java and it was established on August 11, 1987. Before being called Arema FC, this football club changed its name four times starting from PS Arema Malang, PS Arema Bentoel, Arema Indonesia FC, and Arema Cronus. The Arema FC logo is identical with the picture of a lion so this football club is called “Singo Edan” as well. 

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Arema FC was created because of Irian Jaya’s 3rd former governor, Acub Zaenal, and former Football Association of Indonesia manager in the 80 period’s idea. They also cooperated with Dirk “Derek” Sutrisno, the founder of Armada ’86 club. Due to lack of funds, Acub Zaenal took over and tried to survive Arema FC. Now, Arema FC is coached by Eduardo Almeida and owned by Gilang Widya Pramana.

After a long time, Arema FC succeeded to gain a bigger reputation and won many championships. Some of them were Piala Presiden Champion in 2017, 2019, and 2022, also the Trofeo Bhayangkara Cup in 2017. These extraordinary achievements managed to make Arema FC increasingly known by many people.


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