Astrid S Returns with Her New Single “Come First”

Astrid S released her new single entitled “Come First” on September 23, 2022. The song was launched due to the amazing audience reaction when Astrid performed the unreleased song during a highly successful festival summer in Norway. The single was inspired by all the incredible response and pressure from fans, both in reality and online.

With over 5 billion streaming on popular singles including “Hurts So Good,” “Think Before I Talk,” and “It’s Ok If You Forget Me,” Astrid S is the most streamed Norwegian musician. Along with the world tours that have sold out and awards such as “Artist of the Year” at the Norwegian Grammys, she continues to be a singer who runs everything on her terms, writing and producing her own songs, directing her own music videos, and choosing which songs are published like “Come First”. 

“Come First” is the 1st single that she released after “Hurts So Good” in 2021 and her debut album “Leave It Beautiful” in October 2020. The follow-up album, “Leave It Beautiful (Complete),” featured both original songs from the album and popular songs like “I Do” with Brett Young, “Think Before I Talk,” and of course, “Hurts So Good.”

Along with running her music career, Astrid S also manages the sustainable fashion brand called “eco.logic”. Her company, By Astrid AS, has the goal to create more environmentally friendly goods and other items for Astrid’s universe. By Astrid AS has been recognized as an official partner of the UN climate program ,Climate Neutral Now, for implementing steps that may assess, decrease, and offset the company’s collection footprint.


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