Avoid These 4 Fruit-eating Mistakes to Get More Benefits

Fruits are a vital part of a balanced diet and provide numerous health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and keeping a healthy body weight. But did you know that Fruit-eating mistakes affects their absorption in the body? Neha Ranglani, an integrated health coach, addressed the problem on Instagram and suggested the best manner to eat fruits for optimal health benefits.

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4 Fruit-eating Mistakes to Avoid to Get More Benefits

  • Milkshake

According to the expert, milk and fruits have various nutrient contents, as well as varied digestion times. Fruits digest faster than milk, and when we combine them, we actually allow the fruit sugar to ferment in the gut, causing gas, bloating, and other digestive disorders.

  • As a dessert or to accompany meals

You’ve probably seen people consume fruits as a dessert or with their meals, but according to Neha, this is not a healthy practice because it increases the sugar load on your body and transforms it faster into fat, which then remains in your stomach longer, causing gut-related disorders. Neha advised those who enjoy eating mangoes after meals to consume them at a different time to receive all of the benefits.

  • Snack for late at night

Those who believe that eating fruits to satisfy late-night desires is healthful should be aware that it is not. According to Neha, because you are not active at night, your body does not require the sugars from the fruit. All your body wants to do at night is rest and repair, not process food. 

  • Juices

People love juice because it is convenient and considered healthful. Fruit and fruit juice, on the other hand, are not the same thing. While fruit is a healthy food packed with nutrients and fiber, fruit juice is devoid of the fruit’s most vital component, fiber. Without fiber, fruit sugar is directly absorbed into the bloodstream and sent to the liver, where it is turned into fat, according to Neha. (brandxhuaraches.com)



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