Barasuara Released “Merayakan Fana” As A Part To Understand Themselves More

Barasuara made their comeback with a new single “Merayakan Fana”, 4 years after their second album “Pikiran dan Perjalanan” in 2019. “Merayakan Fana” was released on February 15, 2023, as the second single from their third album that’s in progress. The song symbolizes their deep wisdom throughout these past 4 years.

“We start to know each other’s characteristics deeply. Either from music-wise and non-music aspects. It will make us even connected and free when it comes to putting our ideas together. We believe in each other,” said TJ Kusuma regarding the relationship between Barasuara members. Adding to this, Marco said, “ we learn about ourselves personally and how to work together in a band. Now, we prefer looking for solutions to attention.”

The new phase of Barasuara’s career started from their 1 week workshop to create a new material, where they intended to create a new album, and finally found the energy to do so. “Merayakan Fana” is special since it grows based on the needs, and it becomes more and more complete as the time goes by. “The composition has grown quite a bit from our first day of the workshop, and it goes by as the time progress. I thought it would be good if we used an orchestra on it, so I contacted Erwin Gutawa to finish the song. He welcomes it and it took us more than one hour to finish it,” said Gerald Situmorang, the member of Barasuara.

The understanding point where Barasuara is a whole rising unit, becomes an important point for them to keep going. The album will bring a new element and colors. From their 10 years in the industry, it is important for them to support each other to grow even more. Barasuara try to know themselves with a tough footing, and “Merayakan Fana” is the new episode for this chapter.


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