Basboi Drops Fire, Owns Critics with “Banyak Yang Bilang”

Bingkai Karya – Forget your expectations of tough-guy hip-hop. Basboi’s back with “Banyak Yang Bilang” (People Say), a swaggering single that flips the bird to stereotypes and celebrates being unapologetically you. Forget “hard” and “masculine,” this is a jersey club groove dripping with attitude, where Celine perfume and Vivienne Westwood necklaces get just as much love as lyrical flow.

Producer CVX lays down the bass-heavy beat, and Basboi pounces on it with his trademark lyrical density. But instead of the usual hip-hop braggadocio, we get a twist. He playfully throws shade at himself, owning the criticisms he gets: “Too soft, too flashy, too pop, too sassy? You said it, not me!”

The music video? Pure Gen Z eye candy, directed by Saktian Maulana and packed with TikTok-worthy trends. It’s a wink at those who think hip-hop shouldn’t get “pop,” but Basboi flips the script. This catchy dance track and “don’t care” vibe are the perfect antidote to expectations and negativity. So crank it up, embrace your weirdness, and start the year with a “Banyak Yang Bilang ” attitude: who cares what anyone else thinks?


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