Lunadira Sheds Tears and Dances Away on Upbeat DnB Breakup Anthem, “Crying Over Nothing (Wah Wah)”

Bingkai Karya – Malaysian singer-songwriter Lunadira takes a surprising turn on her latest single, “Crying Over Nothing (Wah Wah),” swapping the dark and moody for an unexpectedly upbeat and dancey soundscape. Produced by I-SKY, the DnB track serves as the ultimate soundtrack for getting over heartbreak, a theme Lunadira has expertly woven into previous releases.

“Crying Over Nothing (Wah Wah)” marks the latest single from Lunadira’s highly anticipated upcoming album, ‘i’ll Be Alright, Right?’. The song tackles the bittersweet limbo of uncertain relationships, acknowledging their role as lessons learned on the path to finding “the one,” but still recognizing the sting of tears shed on the bathroom floor. It’s a lament for lost love, with a twist of moving on – a devaluing of the pain to make the journey forward a little lighter.

Lunadira, known for her sweet vocals and poetic lyricism, weaves tales that unfold like delicate flower petals, blending vulnerability, joy, and self-reflection. These themes are sure to be fully explored on ‘I’ll Be Alright, Right?’, set to arrive on February 23rd. Until then, fans can dance away their tears with “crying over nothing (wah wah)” – available to stream now on

With this unexpected yet captivating sonic shift, Lunadira proves her artistic versatility and her ability to translate heartbreak into both introspective ballads and pulsating dancefloor anthems. “Crying Over Nothing (Wah Wah)” is a testament to her growth as an artist and a promise of exciting things to come on her debut album. So grab your tissues and your dancing shoes, and get ready to experience Lunadira’s unique brand of catharsis – one tear-streaked DnB beat at a time.


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