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Give Me The Future is the UK’s NO.1 album this week. The band’s fourth album finished at the top spot today securing Bastille their third NO.1 album. It follows two previous NO.1 records

Bad Blood (2013), Wild World (2016), with their last album Doom Days peaking at NO.4 in the UK. The band said:

“We’re so happy and excited to have the Official Number 1 album! Ridiculously grateful to everyone who’s bought the album and listened to it, and to everyone who worked so hard to make this record with us. We’re mega proud of Give Me The Future and beyond overjoyed that it’s had such an amazing response so far. Can’t wait to head out on tour soon and play these songs in real life for everyone”

The band set the stage for the record by releasing their latest single “Shut Off The Lights.” In addition to gathering over 5 million global Spotify streams in a couple of weeks, the track is B-listed at Radio 1. Watch the official music video for “Shut Off The Lights”.

Receiving rave reviews, Clash scored Give Me The Future “8-out-of-10” and raved, ‘Give Me The Future’ achieves everything a pop album should and stands out as Bastille’s best and most expansive work.” As part of an extensive profile, NME said it’s, ‘A sci-fi, escapist wonderland, full of gleaming pop songs that take the four-piece to the heart of the dancefloor”. Rolling Stone UK applauded, “the best and most surprising album of their career to date with Gigwise observing, Give Me The Future is packed full of expertly crafted songs that will plaster a smile on your face”.

To celebrate the album’s release, Bastille will embark on the “Give Me The Future Tour” this Spring/Summer taking in shows across the UK and US. The UK tour kicks off at the London O2 Arena on April 7th – see the full list of dates below.

Laced with references to sci-fi films and literature, video games and VR,Bastille’s new album Give Me The Future explores a futuristic wonderland free from restrictions—each song a different danceable dreamscape, a place where you can travel back and forward in time to be anyone, do anything, and embrace a new wave of technology, which enables us to get lost inside our imagination.

It’s a record that takes the idea of the limitless possibilities of the future and journeys everywhere from a joyride of escapism on the uplifting “Thelma + Louise” – a tribute to the iconic feminist film on its 20th anniversary – to 80’s New York with the artist Keith Haring on the bright and whistling “Club 57” to a hospital bed in Australia for the devastating but hopeful “No Bad Days.” You’ll hear disco basslines, orchestras of synths, guitars, futuristic gospel, spaceship sounds, euphoric strings, vocoders, talk boxes, a choir of roadies, and host of beats. The title track “Give Me The Future” tips its hat to Phil Collins and The Police, “Shut Off The Lights” is a sonic love letter to Paul Simon’s Graceland, and “Stay Awake” nods to Daft Punk and Quincy Jones.

Having thrown themselves into co-writing for other artists in recent years, for the first time ever on a Bastille album, the band inched open the door to collaborators. Although primarily produced by Dan Smith and long-term production partner Mark Crew, the band also worked with a handful of writers and producers to expand the world. “Distorted Light Beam”was co-written and produced with Ryan Tedder (Adele, Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift), who also helped as a sounding board and executive producer for the album. “Thelma + Louise,” “Stay Awake,” and “Back To The Future” were co-written with legendary songwriter Rami Yacoub (Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time”, Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Album). They also worked with British writers Jonny Coffer, Plested, and Dan Priddy to bring the album to life.

You’ll also hear the voice of award-winning actor, musician, writer, creator, producer, director, and activist Riz Ahmed on a spell-binding and evocative spoken word piece called “Promises.”Riz’s piece was a response the album and brings its overarching themes into sharp focus.

Over the course of their previous three albums, Bastille have cemented a reputation for building whole worlds around their releases, often doing so with innovative, award-winning creativity. Give Me The Future is no different, this time accompanied by a fictional, but familiar, tech giant called Future Inc., the creators of an invention called “Futurescape”—a device which allows users to live out their dreams virtually. It’s weaved through every element of the campaign and can be seen in the videos for the previous singles—“Distorted Light Beam,” “Thelma + Louise,” and “No Bad Days.” Watch Bastille talk about the inspiration behind Future Inc. HERE. Recently the band launched the FutureScape Dream Analyser website, where fans can input their dreams and create short-form videos based on their description using AI technology.

The four-piece has been experimenting and augmenting the Bastille sound since the release of their last album Doom Days in 2019, the conclusion of an unofficial trilogy. Last year, they released the Goosebumps EP, featuring Graham Coxon on “WHAT YOU GONNA DO???” and producer Kenny Beats on the title track, as they continued to pen songs that seek to understand and offer escape from the modern human condition. Doom Days received huge critical acclaim and charted in the Top 5 in both the U.K. and U.S., the only U.K. band to have achieved this chart landmark alongside The Beatles and Queen in 2019. The record found the band at their most lyrically provocative, most accomplished, and most vital and charts the course of one night in search of distraction from the surrounding apocalypse (sound familiar?). During the course of 2019, the four-piece continued to cement their reputation as one of the world’s most captivating live bands, having played an extensive two month-long sold-out U.S. and U.K. tour. At the beginning of 2020, Bastille received their sixth Brit nomination and their second nomination for British Group. In January 2021, Bastille was the subject of ReOrchestrated, a documentary film that provided a revelatory and bracingly honest new look into the band’s journey so far, framed through their ReOrchestrated shows and diving into themes of motivation, anxiety, and imposter syndrome. With over 11 million records sold, 6 U.K. Top 40 singles, and 1.5 billion video views, Bastille continues to be one of the world’s most streamed bands.


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