Believe It or Not: Phone as Microscope

Tiny things around us like sugar granules, seeds, morning dew, and insects are interesting photo objects. Taking pictures of small things might be possible with a phone camera. But, taking pictures of microscopic things with a phone camera is a new thing. 

OPPO proudly presents: Reno7. Reno7 is equipped with a Microlens camera that can capture microscopic things. Microlens is a small lens with a diameter of 1 millimeter and/or 10 micrometer. With this phone, you can explore the micro world to catch unique and rare details. You can zoom in Reno7’s Microlens 2MP up to 15X to 30X. 

Different from macro photography that portray small things as big as 1:1, micro photography is used by the experts for research purposes to capture microscopic objects as big as 20:1. With Reno7, you can take a picture with 30X magnification. 

How to take a microscopic photo with Reno7? Open Camera, then More>Microscope. Point the camera to the object with a close distance or nearly touching the object, set the focus to your desired spot. The Orbit Light will be on when you capture the object. 

The Orbit Light does not use conventional LED light. The light is under Find X3 Pro’s ring light generation that can manipulate and adjust the color temperature for the Microlens. With Orbit Light, the result is bright, smooth, having accurate color balance, and mesmerizing perspective.


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