Beware of Hidden Cameras!  Here are 5 Tips to Check Hidden Cameras in Lodging

A hotel is a type of accommodation that can be a place to stay for business, leisure, or vacation purposes. Similarly, Airbnb is an online platform that provides lodging rental services such as houses, apartments, villas, and guest rooms on a short or long-term basis. Especially for travelers, Airbnb has been very helpful in providing more flexible and affordable accommodation options compared to traditional hotels, as well as providing a more local and authentic living experience. 

However, did you ever think that a hidden camera was found inside the bathroom socket of an Airbnb home? This incident went viral on social media after a group of girls discovered the camera during their friend’s birthday celebration. The incident certainly makes travelers increase their vigilance when staying overnight at lodging. To prevent this incident from happening again, here are 5 tips for checking hidden cameras in an Airbnb or Hotel.

1. Check around the room for devices near where someone might want to record, such as the bed or shower. 

2. Check the device for potential hidden cameras by shining a light on it.

3. Look for infrared sensors on the device, more likely in bedrooms than bathrooms. It is also possible to use a radio frequency detector to check for signals from the device.

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4. Check the plaster near walls or furniture, as it could be from small holes drilled. 

5. Look for unusual placement of objects. Also, look for blue paint in some areas and listen for static from the phone which may mean radio signals. 

An expensive or star-rated hotel does not guarantee the absence of hidden cameras, and neither does Airbnb. As users of lodging accommodation services, we must remain vigilant and check our surroundings. As mentioned above, those are some tips that you can do when staying at a hotel or Airbnb.

Source: cnn Indonesia

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