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Bingkai Karya’s Fun Outing in Jatim Park 1

Bingkai Karya visited Jatim Park 1 on January 9, 2023, as part of a collaboration with Jatim Park Group. The primary goal of this visitation was to provide a relaxing and enjoyable holiday activity for the members of Bingkai Karya.

The activity started from the Nusantara Ethnic Gallery, which contains various kinds of traditional houses owned by several tribes in Indonesia, Science Park and Science Centre where we could explore and learn about the laws of physics, chemical elements and animal morphology, as well as History park that housed dioramas from Indonesian History.

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After educating ourselves with a lot of insightful knowledge in Educational Park, we moved to the Playground Zone and enjoyed several casual yet still amusing rides such as Sky Swinger, 3D Theatre, and Galaxy Bumper Car all the way up to the extreme, adrenaline-boosting rides such as Star Chaser, Pendulum 360°, Ghost Palace, and Superman Coaster.

The trip concluded with a visit to The Bagong Adventure: Body Museum, in which we learned a lot about the body’s function in detail and improved our understanding of how important it is to maintain a healthy body and ways to take care of it.

Overall, our trip to Jatim Park 1 was a success, and it brought a lot of joy to the Bingkai Karya Team. We appreciate Jatim Park 1’s hospitality and the opportunity to visit and enjoy the rides there.


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