BINUS to Boost Digital Technopreneur in Eastern Indonesia Through BINUS Digitec Valley

BINUS @Malang also presented BINUS Digitec Valley (BDV) which provides facilities to study the  most recent technology thematically. BDV offers 4 big thematic zones, namely Hype-Reality Zone, Life-Show Zone, Memory-Zone, and Eagle Sky-Zone. All zones are open for the students to use and explore. 

Those zones are formed to bolster the learning of the latest technology facilities. BINUS @Malang wants the student to adapt to existential changes. BINUS @Malang intends to give a distinct experience to the students, not only with theory but also with experiments. Therefore, with the 4 zones, BINUS @Malang wants the student to learn with fun because the students can choose what they want to learn and they will be guided to the suitable zone. 

“BINUS University as a world class university, through BINUS @Malang as Digitechpreneur Campus, will build up our contribution in empowering the MSMEs and creating outstanding entrepreneurs. For that reason, we need to develop more innovations and conduct more strategic collaborations with industry partners, schools, and alumni to actualize it,” stated the Rector of BINUS University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Harjanto Prabowo, M.M. 

“BINUS Digitec Valley (BDV) is an advanced learning and entertainment facility that enhances students’ interest in making innovations in technologies, designs, and communications.  The students can improve their potential in academic and academic support,” said Dr. Robertus Tanf Herman, S.E, M.M as BINUS @Malang Campus Director. 

There will be many events held in the form of DigiTALKpreneuur seminar: “Digitalization, New Technology Potential and Commercialization,” the MOU signing with fostered MSMEs like Superheru – F&B Cluster, Fairalfan Collection – Batik & Ecoprint and Lamita Cluster – Craft Cluster. Not only signing the MOU, but there will also be a visit to Aira Food. 

Along with the MSMEs, there will be a collaboration with industries and school partners by visiting PT. Insera Sena (Polygon Indonesia) and PT. Lautan Natural Krimerindo, as well as a dinner with 7 schools affiliated to BINUS UNIVERSITY Learning Community (BULC). Besides, BINUS @Malang will have an Alumni Gathering to strengthen BINUS’ education ecosystem. 


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