Climate Anxiety: When Climate Crisis Not Only Attack The Earth But Mental Health

Climate crisis has made a huge impact on our planet. Some lose their homes, some cannot work due to extreme heat, some rivers dry out, and so on. Even though some of us have not experienced the impact, we may still get distressed because of the crisis. We worry if the temperature rises and no AC is around, we worry if the air quality worsens in the morning, or we worry what if a massive flood sweeps our house. 

It can be said that climate change has affected not only our planet, but also our mental health, and it proves that climate anxiety is real. Climate anxiety, or eco-anxiety, is a stress brought on by anxieties about how climate change would affect everything. It is not a mental illness, but it will alert us to the damage and dangers caused by climate change in the future.

According to research, the number of younger generations that experience climate anxiety is rising. They feel overwhelmed by the condition of our planet and the environment. Then, can we cope with the anxiety? The answer is yes. But how?

Realize that stressful feelings are natural

Acknowledge that your distress is normal. The anxiety you get is a form of a response to a threat, and it is healthy. Admit that your sad feelings will come and go, because emotions can change. 

Get in touch with others

Find people or communities to share your thoughts about the climate crisis. It can be on social media or anywhere where you are comfortable with. Many communities who support people who struggle with climate anxiety. You can seek out their help and communicate with them as you release your stressful emotion towards climate change.

Stop worrying about the climate change for a while

If we are engaged with climate change-related news or posts, then your social media will most likely be full of them. It is good to always keep updated about climate problems, but sometimes we need to take a break from them for a while. We can lessen the amount of time we spend reading climate change news and try to look for trustworthy sources that will not trigger your anxiety.  

Put your anxiety into action

Turn our anxiety into actions, even a small action.  We can recycle the trash, clean our house, prevent using plastic, and many more. Instead of locking ourselves inside your uneasy emotions towards the climate crisis, we can start to do small things to help our environment. 


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