Birdy, Tori Kelly, Lauren Spencer Smith, and More of International Lineup Set to Rock LaLaLa 2024 in Jakarta!

Bingkai KaryaLaLaLa 2024 adds renowned international musicians to the lineup for its second phase. From Birdy, Tori Kelly, Lauren Spencer Smith, FIJI Blue, to Emotional Oranges, they will grace the stage to enliven LaLaLa at Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) on August 23, 24, and 25, 2024.

After a five-year hiatus in the music festival scene, LaLaLa 2024 returns not only to provide a grander festival experience in Jakarta but also brings dozens of international and local lineups for a cross-generational festival enthusiasts, from millennials to Gen Z.

Previously, LaLaLa 2024 announced Grammy nominees and renowned award winners from America such as Madison Beer, Conan Gray, Bruno Major, The Temper Trap, and many more in the first phase. Fans can also expect stellar performances from Asian musicians, including Japan and Korea, adding an international flair to the event.

The event promoter, The Group, promises an eclectic mix of music genres that can be enjoyed by festival-goers of all ages at LaLaLa 2024. Without losing its authentic essence Closely tied to nature and forest vibes, LaLaLa 2024 allows Jakartans to experience a fresher concept of forest fantasy brought to the capital city.

Since the ticket sales opened with prices starting from Rp. 400,000 per day, the enthusiasm

of Jakarta residents in welcoming the return of LaLaLa 2024 is immaculate. This is reflected in the sold-out three-day pass and daily pass categories of LaLaLa 2024.

Currently, tickets for LaLaLa 2024 are still available for Early Entry, General Admission,

and VIP categories. LaLaLa 2024 provides VIP ticket services with various benefits such as designated viewing areas, separate entrances, bars, and VIP toilet facilities. And to make it easier for music fans, LaLaLa 2024 also offers installment options from various providers starting from Rp70,000 per month. Stay tuned for further announcements as LaLaLa 2024 is rumored to unveil more lineups, promising many exciting surprises in the upcoming phases.

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LaLaLa, once rooted in the enchanting ambiance of the forest, has undergone a transformative evolution. Formerly a beloved forest festival in Cikole Forest Lembangl, LaLaLa 2024 is breaking new ground as it ventures into the heart of Jakarta, infusing the vibrant urban landscape with its unique magic. The festival now embraces the concept of Urban Sanctuary Meets Forest Fantasy, a celebration that harmonizes the dynamic energy of the city with the serene tranquility

of nature. Previously, LaLaLa captured hearts by providing an immersive experience where attendees found solace amidst the trees and resonated with the peace of the woodland surroundings. Now, LaLaLa 2024 extends this enchanting legacy, inviting festival-goers to discover sanctuary in the middle of the city. Every beat, every rhythm, and every pause tell a story, creating an experience that transcends the ordinary.


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