Kohana Lam releases tear-jerking new dance song ‘Never Alone’

Bingkai KaryaKohana Lam has released her latest song, ‘Never Alone’, on Monday, April 29. The song was written as the theme tune to an anime movie made to commemorate the upcoming 5th anniversary of the online mahjong game ‘Mahjong Soul’ in May 2024. The music and lyrics were composed by Guiano, an artist belonging to the creative agency KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO.

On Sunday, April 28, the day before the release of her new song, Kohana Lam performed at JAPAN JAM 2024. This was her first ever festival appearance, and she fired up the audience.

There, she performed ‘Never Alone’ for the first time, and the song’s dance sound combined with influence from mahjong and other Chinese cultural elements showcased a new side of Kohana Lam’s charms. In October, she plans to hold a birthday concert at Zepp Shinjuku in Tokyo, so keep an eye on Kohana Lam as she ventures out of her online home and steps further into the real world.

A singing voice filled with emotion that will pierce your heart.” Kohana Lam began her music career via her YouTube channel in September 2019. Her ‘While crying’ and ‘With A Lot of Emotion’ cover video series became hits, and fans have posted endless comments on social media such as “It’s so emotional that I can’t hold back the tears” and “The way her voice seems on the verge of tears or feels like it could vanish completely gives me goosebumps”, reaching new heights of expressive power that listeners have fallen in love with. Her video titled ‘I sang “Kokoronashi” while crying, Piano Arrange cover’ has racked up over 10 million views alone, receiving high praise from music fans. Kohana Lam is a breakthrough artist who is attracting attention not only in Japan but all over the world.


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