Biru Baru Invites Us to Seek the “Light” Side on Us

After releasing a single entitled “Nostalgia” last April, Biru Baru lit up the music industry with a new song “Terang”. It was their 4th single under JUNI Records. “Terang” is about someone who finds their ideal lover who can light up their life in a sad and happy condition.

The song was based on Clemens Goldan “Goldan” Divembran (electric guitarist)’s personal experience and on movie reference that Talita “Tata” Belinda Esmeralda (acoustic guitarist/drummer) watched. 

“I’m alway amazed after watching movies entitled “the Notebook” and “Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck” and the song is inspired by both movies. In making this song,  I gather ideas, arrange the song with a modern arrangement that slightly touches ballad classics.” said Tata.

“I hope that “Terang” can lead the audiences to find someone who can light up their life journey. This single is also suitable for romantic movies’ soundtrack,” added Goldan. 

Biru Baru worked on “Terang” in 2 months, recording it in 2 studios: Biru Baru’s and Aldi Nada Permana’s. Interestingly, Biru Baru invited Lutesha from “Penyalin Cahaya” and Roy SUngkono from “NKCTHI” to star the music video.

The music video was directed by Lutfi Pradita, presenting storytelling about the condition of the couples in any condition. “Terang” is already available in any digital music platforms and video sharing.


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