Gen FM and Mustang FM Collaborated with Semesta Records to Do “Healing”

2 radio stations, Gen 98.7 FM and Mustang 88.0 FM teamed up with Semesta Records, D’Masiv’s Ryan’s label, to conduct a music gig named “Gen & Mustang Bergandeng Bersama Semesta”. All the collaborators started the event distinctively by selling a blank ticket without line-up, venue, and dates of event on it. Interestingly, over 100 blank tickets were sold! 

The event carried a positive vision: started with the spirit of the collaborators (from the phrase “bergandeng bersama/holding hands with”) and ended with gratefulness when the phrase united with “Semesta”. 

With a spiritualistic name, the event became a welcome for the endemic – world’s healing phase. When we talked about healing, Kunto Aji was the right musician to be the main performer. 

Not only Kunto Aji, the concert also had Gangga and 3 Semesta Records’ artists namely Weda Mauve, Anastasia Ria, and Rayen Pono. To enliven the gig, Second Chance and Nadhif Basalamah also performed there. 

“(I’m) so happy that we can work together with recent biggest radio stations which are Gen FM and Mustang FM. With this event, we can introduce wonderful talents and musicians under Semesta Records. (We) hope that many music lovers will be aware of musicians under Semesta Records,” said Ryan Ekky Pradipta, the Founder of Semesta Records. 

The collaboration between 2 radio stations and Semesta Records is expected to add more enthusiasm in the healing phase of our music industry and become the media to hold hands with the musicians, audiences, and radio, who have always been loyal supporters of Indonesian music.


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