“Terbiasa Sendiri” by Mahen Became the OST for “My Sassy Girl”

Starting his career as a singer, Petrus Mahendra or Mahen tried to do acting by starring in “My Sassy Girl” together with Jefri Nichol, Tiara Andini, and Nuca. Not only playing a role in the movie, Mahen was also given the opportunity to fill the soundtrack for this film, through his work entitled “Terbiasa Sendiri”

“Honestly, (I’m) so happy to get the opportunity to act in the movie with other amazing casts,  there are even Tiara and Nuca who are singers too. I also get the opportunity to sing for the soundtrack. (I) feel really blessed and it means a lot to me because I have more new experience. I’m really happy,” said Mahen. 

Mahen made the song in 2 days and he tried his best to feel the movie, and it was challenging for him. The song is about someone who is tired of love and tired of being played. When their lover loves them, then they will do the same, but when their lover only plays their relationship, they will not get hurt because they are used to being alone. They wished for serious love and not only playing around. 

“The pain of love you feel now, in the past, or in the future, just believe that it will make you stronger in terms of receiving all the blessings, because God knows what is best for you. I hope that everyone can accept my latest single and also “My Sassy Girl”,” added Mahen.


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