Bryan Domani, Adriani Salshabilla Sung for “5 Detik & Rasa Rindu”, A Series by MD Entertainment

MD Entertainment has launched a new series called “5 Detik & Rasa Rindu” that will air on WeTV Indonesia soon. The plot is based on Prilly Latuconsina’s novel and stars Prilly Latuconsina, Bryan Domani, Adriani Salshabilla, and a cast of additional artists.

This series, which is filled with his own lyrics and poetry, also explains how music labels work. Of course, the cast will participate in singing a few songs to embellish the backdrop in this series.

The line-up of songs for the WeTV Original soundtrack “5 Detik & Rasa Rindu” was published as an EP of 5 songs, including ‘5 Detik Untuk Rindu,’ ‘Angin Menderu,’ ‘Angin dan Hujan,’ and ‘Aku dan Kamu’, under MD Musik Indonesia. 

Bryan Domani and Adriani Salshabilla play musicians singing live the WeTV Original Original Motion Picture Soundtrack series song “5 Detik & Rasa Rindu” in accordance with the characters in this series. ‘5 Detik untuk Rindu’ and ‘Angin dan Hujan’ were sung as duets by Bryan Domani and Adriani Salshabilla.

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The original WeTV Original soundtrack “5 Detik & Rasa Rindu” featured some notable musicians. Adrian Martadinata wrote the songs “5 Detik Untuk Rindu” and “Angin Menderu,” while Tito P Soenardi wrote “Angin dan Hujan” and “Aku dan Kamu. (Diazepam) ”


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