These 3 Fishes Can Poison Your Body, Better Don’t Eat It!

Among other sources of protein, fish is one of the most well-known and general sources of protein for humans or other living things. Not only rich in protein, fish is also low in calories and fat and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Besides the generality of fish, you also can make a lot of dishes out of fish, and of course, the dishes out of fish taste amazing.

Yet, besides the good taste and the ease of getting fish, there’s also several types of fish that are toxic if you consumpt them. So here are several fish you might want to avoid!

These 3 Fishes Can Poison Your Body, Better Don’t Eat It!

  1. Shark

Shark is one of the popular fish to consume. Some consider shark as an exotic food, and some consider it general. But actually, sharks are not feasible to be consumed by humans. (Ambien) Sharks contain a large amount of mercury since sharks are the biggest predators in the sea.

  1. Tilapia

A study published in Journal of American Dietetic Association stated that the consumption of tilapia can trigger inflammation to your body.

Tilapia contains low omega-3 fatty acids but has a high rate in omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acids are known as a trigger of body inflammation. Prolonged inflammation can worsen your health as well as trigger a lot of chronic disease.

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  1. Eel 

Seafood Watch of Monterey Bay Aquarium claimed eel as one of those fishes you shouldn’t consume. Eel has the tendency to absorb and hold chemical substances and dangerous contaminants that can harm your body, like polychlorinated biphenyls.

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