Charlie Burg Shares His Memorable Places through His Debut “Infinitely Tall”

Charlie Burg’s much awaited debut album, “Infinitely Tall”, is now available everywhere via FADER Label. The newest satire song with an indie rock influence entitled “Dancing Through The Mental Breakdown” was released on August 19th, 2022. Charlie will perform live this autumn when he tours the EU, UK, and North America from September through November. Tickets are currently available for purchase at

“Infinitely Tall”, Charlie Burg’s 15-track album, is divided into three chapters, that are each related to a different location: his childhood home in Detroit, college in Syracuse, and the current day in New York City. The project uses beautiful soundscapes that transcend place, age, geography, and time to examine the different areas in a person’s life that may make, break, shape, or uplift them. Burg performs almost all of the instruments on the album in addition to co-producing it with Mike Malchicoff (Bo Burnham, Niall Horan, Kids See Ghosts, and King Princess).

Charlie Burg’s goal was to create a body of work that mirrored the stages of his own life and the places that have shaped him throughout his life so far. He said about the album’s chapter book layout, “I formatted this album in a three-chapter layout, with each group of five songs representing a different space in my life. The first is representative of the dreamlike nostalgia of one’s hometown; A college house, a young adult’s free spirit, and irresponsibility are represented by the second; and the third is city life, an ejection from youth into adulthood, and the endlessness that spreads out before you in the smoky metropolitan expanses.”

On the debut record, Charlie Burg explained, “The album is a reflection on places, specifically houses, and how our physical surroundings affect us. The album’s concluding tune, “Infinitely Tall,” is a term that was created during a jam session with my friend Rebecca in my hometown years ago. When I thought about the album’s theme, that word perfectly captured how I was feeling about home. We might change. Home might change. But some things never die.”

The newest song from the album, “Dancing Through The Mental Breakdown,” gives the musician a chance to sarcastically criticize the negativity of social media. Charlie Burg described the track’s context as “sharp self-examination” and considered it “a burst of sardonic cultural criticism.” 

“The protagonist (me) experiences a complete breakdown when I see all of my most hated aspects of the world reflected back to me in the mirror. Numerous negative traits I hold about the world may actually be negative traits I hold about myself,” he said.

Charlie Burg was honest with himself as he watched the world around him and maintained an optimistic attitude despite the harsh reality of the hyper-online (and artificial) world in which musicians are currently engaged over the duration of the song. Charlie Burg continued, “I reject the version of myself that poured over the girl at the bookstore. Existing in a society where people put up a front for others while criticizing them behind their backs and pushing them to impossible standards. It makes me think of us because we are still dancing despite going through an identity crisis and a mental breakdown.”


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