CloseHead Releases Song Titled “Cerialah” With New Formation

CloseHead released a song titled “CERIALAH” in a new formation with Saprol now on guitar and Tyo on keyboards. CloseHead’s third single cemented their existence in the Indonesian music industry after a long time.

Lamlam, Ijan, Saprol, and Tyo now write music and verses based on CloseHead’s more mature songs. Meanwhile, the song “CERIALAH” tells the story of people who live “alone” in the sense of “loneliness”, doing everything alone without the support of those closest to them or around them. In essence, this song is about encouraging ourself to stay cheerful every day.

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CloseHead is currently working on the MV for CERIALAH, assisted by Prialangga, who is a music video creator who has collaborated with various national artists.

Hopefully CloseHead’s third single – CERIALAH, can bring us back to being cheerful in facing all the problems of life. Did Music Records as CloseHead’s label hopes that this song material will be liked by everyone.

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