Destroy Boys Announces Their New Single “Boyfeel,” Alongside the Upcoming Album “Funeral Soundtrack #4”

Destroy Boys

Bingkai Karya-Destroy Boys have announced a new album, “Funeral Soundtrack #4,” for August 9th via Hopeless Records. Their fourth album features Mannequin Pussy and Scowl and was Carlos de la Garza as the producer. 

The first official track, “Boyfeel,” is available now. Alexia Roditis started writing this song at 17, it delves into their evolving relationship on gender nonconformity. This single is accompanied by a video directed by Tay Allard that explores the same themes.

“Funeral Soundtrack #4” captures the band at their most evolved, miles ahead of the scrappy, teenage sound. Recorded over the course of 2023, de la Garza pushed the band into new sonic territories. The album also includes the previously released “Plucked”, “Shadow (I’m Breaking Down)” and “Beg For The Torture.”

It’s still grounded in the band’s punk rock roots but leans into the members’ more eclectic influences, like salsa and bossa nova. De la Garza also helped highlight their gothier inspirations, like The Smiths, Cocteau Twins, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. 

Destroy Boys formed in 2015, when founding members Mayugba and Alexia Roditis were just 15 years old, and each release has marked a period of growth and change. “The first one was our high school album,” Mayugba explains. “On the second record, we went to college and were saying goodbye to our childhood. On the third one, we’d just gone through COVID and, speaking for myself, I lost my entire sense of self and gained a new one.”

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